3 Tips for Styling Bell-Bottoms at Any Age

3 Tips for Styling Bell-Bottoms at Any Age

Skinny jeans or wide-leg pants sometimes don’t provide the outfit variety you’re looking for. You might feel the need to switch up the type of bottoms you wear.

The flattering silhouette of bell bottoms will never go out of style. For people who adore this timeless garment but feel like they’re unsuitable for their age, think again!

People of every age can wear bell bottoms effortlessly. Here are three tips that are perfect for styling bell bottoms at any age!

Graphic Tees and Denim Bell Bottoms

You can’t go wrong with denim bell bottoms. If you’re searching for the right pairing, a graphic tee and denim bell bottoms are a flawless match.

Graphic tees are casual tops. Bell bottoms are considered dressy structured garments. Pairing the two creates a balanced outfit because of the blend of casual and dressy clothing.

You can tuck in the T-shirt and pair it with a stylish western belt. Tie the hem of the shirt into a knot for a crop-top effect. You can even construct a free-flowing outfit and let the tee hang loosely over the waistband of your bell bottoms.

Add a Western Duster

Think of a western duster as a traditional cardigan but more in touch with the western style! When you’re wearing a blouse, your favorite tank top, or a classic graphic tee, an extra layer completes the outfit.

Layering is one of the best ways to showcase your fashion sense. When you add a western duster cardigan, the flow creates a balance paired with bell bottoms. The many styles to choose from—fringe, sheer, and bright colors—will provide vast outfit combinations ideal for people of all ages.

Pair Bell Bottoms With Statement Shoes

In a practical sense, bell bottoms require a shoe with extra height because of the length. You don’t want to trip and fall! In a fashion sense, styling statement shoes is easy for people of any age.

Western boots, wedge or platform sandals, or high heels work well with bell bottoms. People of any age can rock a pair of statement shoes that suit their personal style.

Just because you get older doesn’t mean you must surrender your fashion sense! If you adore bell bottoms and western wear, Western Soul® has a collection of clothing and accessories for you to perfect your style.