long leopard print ladies duster

Sheer Dusters


      Women’s Western-Inspired Sheer Dusters and Kimonos

      Creating visual interest with expressive patterns and layering is key to fulfilling your styling dreams for any Western-inspired outfit. At Western Soul®, we provide beautiful, high-quality women’s Western-style sheer dusters and kimonos for beautiful layering and comfort. Shop our selection of sheer dusters and add that extra finishing touch to your style. Our ladies’ sheer dusters are made with lightweight, airy fabric, these dusters are perfect for layering over any look for effortless style. Western Soul® offers a variety of prints such as leopard, serape, cowhide, Aztec and more to be a great addition to any wardrobe. When you throw on a cheetah duster with your outfit, you can create exciting visual interest without being overbearing. You can also pair our leopard duster kimonos with denim jeans and a plain tee, your favorite dress, or a one-piece outfit for your next outing. If you want to know more about our sheer dusters and jackets, contact us today.