5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Cowgirl Needs

5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Cowgirl Needs

As the actress Dale Evans recognized, being a “cowgirl is an attitude, really; a pioneer spirit, a special American brand of courage.” Every cowgirl is strong, ambitious, and courageous—and needs a closet full of clothes and accessories to illuminate the fact.

Whether you’re a bonafide rodeo queen or newer to the western-style scene, we’ve got you covered with five wardrobe essentials every cowgirl needs to step out in her own signature style.

Staple Blue Jeans: On-trend Denim With Flare

Super soft, stretchy, stylish, and flattering denim is a must-have for modern cowgirls. Several pairs of flares, boot-cuts, straight-leg, or alternative favorite fits are essential for your wardrobe. Choose blue denim bottoms that leave you comfortable and ready for whatever the day may bring. High-waist jeans are perfect for tucking in flowy or button-up shirts. Bonus points for broken-in, faded, or distressed looks.

Country-chic Outfitters: Western Blouses and Tees

To coordinate with your bottoms, every cowgirl needs go-to flannel shirts, stylish blouses, and versatile tees. Layer flannels over tanks, tuck in button-ups, or dress up and down tees with western-style designs and sayings. These apparel pieces are essential for practicality and tradition in your wardrobe.

Statement Fringe: Layering Outerwear

Fringe is rooted in Native American history and was popularized by the western styles of the mid-1900s. Outerwear with fringe, such as suede or leather vests, dusters, and jackets, seen in old-western flicks, are still a popular detail to add to any outfit to increase visual interest. Consider incorporating long or short-length fringe styles into your cowgirl closet as complementary layering pieces.

Wild Kicks: Shoes Made for More Than Walking

Cowboy riding boots are the iconic must-have footwear for traditional western wear attire. With that in mind, wild kicks are another of the wardrobe essentials every cowgirl needs. Besides a pair of round-, pointy-, or square-toed boots to express your unique cowgirl style, build your shoe wardrobe with a great wedge, accented sneaker, or leather sandals.

Rodeo Bling: Studded Jewels and Concho Belts

Ladies who want to stand out from the crowd can’t go wrong with cowgirl bling. Your wardrobe should include accessories that make a traditional or trendy statement. Leather belts with stand-out buckles or metal concho belts are perfect statement pieces to show off at your next get-together or rodeo. There’s an eye-catching belt for you out there—whether it’s shiny, fashionable, or functionally completes an outfit. Don’t forget about adding jewelry with prominent stones and unique styles to your collection.

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