A Guide to Styling Bell-Bottoms for Women

A Guide to Styling Bell-Bottoms for Women

Styling bell-bottoms is all about creating a balance. They’re a statement clothing item, and they require a little more attention than the average pair of jeans.

If you have bell-bottoms sitting in your closet that haven’t been worn because you can’t figure out how to style them, there’s a quick solution to your problem!

Continue reading this guide for styling bell-bottoms for women to help you create your ideal bell-bottom outfit.

Dress for the Weather

One of the best pieces of advice when picking out tops, shoes, and accessories is to dress for the weather. You don’t want to wear a crop top with your bell-bottoms in 50-degree weather. For this temperature, a top with a cardigan or a sweater is better. Similarly, in 90-degree weather, a short sleeve top is the best option!

Choosing a Top

Picking out the right top to wear with your western bell-bottoms is one of the most important decisions in creating an outfit you’ll adore! Here are some options to choose from and how to style them.

Top With Flared Sleeves

Flared sleeves paired with bell-bottoms create a flowy and free aesthetic for your outfit. Whether the shirt is long sleeve or short sleeve, the outfit feels complete with this top.

You’ll find a wide variety of designs, patterns, and colors of this kind of top, from ribbed shimmery shirts to floral patterns to solid bright-colored tops. Shop this style of shirt and find which one makes you feel the most beautiful. You can’t go wrong with a flared-sleeve shirt!

Casual Tops and Graphic Tees

A casual top that’s not fitted is a great option too! This will give your body some room to breathe and keep up with any activity. Try a V-neck top with short sleeves or your favorite graphic tee. Any color or design pattern will complement denim bell-bottoms perfectly.

The easiest way to style a casual, loose-fitted top is to let the shirt hang over the front of the jeans. This is a comfortable yet fashionable approach when styling bell-bottoms.

If you want to draw more attention to your waist, there are two main options when wearing a loosely fitted top. First, try partially tucking in the front of the shirt. Next, try tying the shirt in a knot just above the top of the jeans. Both options add dimension to the outfit and give some separation between the top and the bell-bottoms.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are one of the easiest options to style with bell-bottoms. These shirts are fitted and sit above the jeans, so you don’t need to tuck in the shirt or make any adjustments. Since you’re showing more skin when wearing crop tops, it’s best to choose something you feel comfortable and confident wearing. Whether it’s a halter top, a classic short-sleeved crop top, or a spaghetti strap tank top, the unlimited possibilities make crop tops a stylish complementary option.

Comfy Cardigans

Cardigans are a cozy clothing item. When pairing a cardigan with bell-bottoms, you’re creating a more casual outfit.

Long cardigans that cover your backside down to your knees are ideal when wearing bell-bottoms. It develops a cohesive and continuous flow for the outfit, and it’s a comfortable option too! Tan and off-white are classic colors but don’t be afraid to spice it up with a bright color like maroon, lavender, or light pink.

Snazzy Jackets

Some of the best bell-bottom outfits have a snazzy, eye-catching jacket. Whether there’s a chilly breeze outside or you want an additional accessory, consider some of these jacket options that will complement your bell-bottom jeans.


Try a denim-on-denim look! The only factor you need to look out for is that the colors of the two denim items match. It develops a coordinated outfit that looks incredible.


Black leather jackets add less of a western aesthetic and more of a city-chic look when paired with bell-bottoms. The jacket will pair perfectly with a classic white crop top or graphic tee. Don’t forget that bell-bottoms with a couple of tears in the material will make this look feel truly complete!


Maybe the city look isn’t what you’re going for. Perhaps a classic tan fringe jacket is just what you need to complete your desired western-style look instead. A white tee is one of the best options to pair with a tan fringe jacket. But don’t let the statement of the jacket stop you from exploring different shirt options.

You’ll find this jacket complements your body’s shape and style when worn with bell-bottoms. It creates movement within your style and makes you feel even better.

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are the perfect addition to create a western or boho aesthetic. It’s an accessory that always makes a statement when paired with bell-bottoms. Black and shades of brown are the most popular colors that easily complement a western-style outfit.

Picking the Right Pair of Shoes

Choosing the right pair of shoes with bell-bottom jeans is more important than you might think.

First, avoid chunky sneakers or boots. Bell-bottom jeans create a flow, and chunky sneakers will create a bottom-heavy appearance at your feet. Also, since bell-bottoms are typically long jeans, you might need a heel to add a little boost so they don’t drag on the ground.

Instead, try a pair of shoes with a pointed toe. Bright pumps or dazzling cowboy boots are two incredibly popular shoe styles. While you have many shoes to choose from, always remember to find something sleek and comfortable to keep up with any activities you have planned.

Heels or boots with pointed toes will draw eyes to the ends of the jeans and your gorgeous pair of shoes. They elongate the leg and positively accentuate your body.

Overall, the best way to style an outfit with bell-bottoms is to wear what makes you feel comfortable. With the help of this quick guide, you now have the power to create the outfit of your dreams. Bell-bottoms are one of the most amazing clothing pieces to make every outfit a statement.

A Guide to Styling Bell-Bottoms for Women