A Woman’s Guide to Picking the Right Pair of Jeans

A Woman’s Guide to Picking the Right Pair of Jeans

“In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world.”

A perfect quote by Razelle T. encapsulates every woman’s feeling when wearing the perfect pair of denim jeans. Women have been wearing jeans since the 1930s, creating opportunities to expand beyond skirts and dresses for everyday wear. It’s no secret that jeans have a universal appeal, whether working an office job or taking yourself out on a fun night.

But, sometimes, women undergo changes that can leave their favorite pair of jeans worn out, overly stretched, or with holes forming in unintentional places. Luckily, you don’t have to mourn the loss of your favorite jeans: you can follow our woman’s guide for finding the perfect pair of jeans instead. In this guide, we’ll walk you through various tips and tricks for finding jeans that last you a long time, no matter where you go.

Understand Your Body Type

Every body is different: some women can have long legs and short torsos while others are short in the arms, legs, and everywhere else. You must understand your body type, so your jeans can last you for years. There are a handful of common body types: apple, pear, banana, strawberry, and, most well-known, hourglass.

So, your new jeans must work with your existing body type so you don’t have issues with the fit. Strawberry body shapes carry their weight in their bust while having slimmer hips and thighs, banana body shapes have fewer curves with little waist definition, apple body shapes carry their weight in the abdomen with thinner legs and larger busts, pear shapes have a larger lower half than their upper half, and hourglass has pronounced, balanced hips and bust, along with a slim waist.

Choosing Your Preferred Style

When picking the perfect pair of jeans, you must consider what style best suits your figure. The most common denim styles include boyfriend, straight leg, skinny, flare, and bootcut. Boyfriend jeans have a looser fit that best suits apple and athletic figures. Straight leg jeans have a looser fit than skinny jeans, perfect for hourglass, pear, and athletic figures.

As for skinny jeans, they’re fitted from the waist to the ankle, which works for all body types. Flare jeans are fitted from the waist to the knee and flare out at the feet, ideal for pear and hourglass shapes. Lastly, bootcut is a milder version of the flare jean with a minor flare, perfect for pear and hourglass figures.

Types of Jeans Rises

Depending on your body type, some waist rises will work for you, and some won’t. There are three types of denim rises: low, mid, and high-rise. Figuring out which waist rise suits your body best will result in years of outfit combinations.


Low-rise jeans sit two inches below your navel, perfect for curvy hips. Athletic body types also benefit from low-rise jeans since it doesn’t hug the curves too tightly. Ensure your low-rise jeans fit correctly so you don’t experience waist-gap issues or skin constriction.


Mid-rise jeans sits below your navel, the most figure-friendly fit for all body types. It also helps with creating structure around the midsection, smoothing out unevenness. It’s incredibly versatile for styling with different tops. So, if you want a jean that makes you look fantastic and suits most styles, the mid-rise jean is perfect.


Lastly, we have the beloved high-rise jean. It gives the wearer a vintage feel and helps create structure from above the navel to the buttocks. It works wonders for athletic and hourglass figures, creating a slender and fitted feel. It pairs wonderfully with tuck-in and cropped tops for a flirty, playful style.

Jean Wash Variations

After figuring out your style and waist rise, picking out the wash variation you like comes next. While the most common jeans are a shade of blue, there are different color variations to experiment with. You can choose between colored, light to medium, and dark washes.

Dark wash denim appeals to all styles and shapes, whether you dress modestly or avant-garde. Ensure that you wash them appropriately so the color doesn’t fade. Secondly, light to medium wash denim creates a more casual, laid-back vibe, perfect for more neutral-colored tops. Lastly, colored denim makes a fun, creative way to style up. For seasonal styling, you can find colored denim such as brown, black, olive, or more.

Take Your Measurements

Now that you know more about styles, washes, and waist rises, it’s time to take your body measurements. You want to be as accurate as possible, so you don’t choose an ill-fitting pair of jeans.

Rise Measurements

Take your rise measurements through a pair of your favorite jeans. Hang them on a clothes hanger and use a flexible measuring tape to record the distance between the crotch seam and the waistband. It will help determine the rise measurement you desire for your next denim purchase.

Inseam Measurements

After you take your rise measurement, move on to the inseam. Use a measuring tape to record the distance between the crotch seam and the leg’s inside hem.

Using existing jeans in your closet will give you an easy template to work with. It will make the search for a new pair of jeans quick and easy.

Waist Measurements

Lastly, you’ll measure your waist. Take your measuring tape a couple of inches below your belly button or the widest area of your midriff. Ideally, start from the middle of your torso or your belly button.

Measure in a perfect circle around your torso and record the measurements when you make a complete journey around your waist. Having waist measurements will help determine the proper sizing you’ll need when picking out a new pair of denim jeans.

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A Woman’s Guide to Picking the Right Pair of Jeans