How To Style Women’s Western Tops in the Winter

How To Style Women’s Western Tops in the Winter

As summer and fall come to an end, in comes the skin-prickling low temperatures of the winter season. While the weather continues to lower in temperatures and the first snowfall of the year arrives, you want to dress your best to enjoy the festivities and outings with your loved ones. However, you want to look fashionable while maintaining your warmth. Luckily, there are several ways to stay warm while dressing up for the party.

As a western lady, you don’t want to put away the cowboy boots and brightly patterned tops quite yet. There are many ways to style women’s western tops for the winter without needing to put them away in storage. So, no need to worry about not being able to wear your favorite western top for the upcoming holiday parties—style it up for weather-appropriate outings while feeling your best.

Best Fabrics for Winter

While looking your best is on your priority list, you should have a basic understanding of warm fabrics. As you walk around outdoors through snow, cold winds, and other winter ailments, you want to stay as warm as possible for the season. There are a few types of fabrics that will help keep you warm during the season: wool, cotton, leather, and hemp.


Wool is a classic choice for staying warm and fashionable in the winter. Wool is a unique fabric that creates natural insulation for the wearer due to the air pockets within the fabric. Both raw and manufactured wool make for comfortable, insulated outer layering for protective yet fashionable wear.

Another aspect of wool that makes it so appealing is its water-resistant properties. If you plan on traversing snow and rainy weather, wool makes a lightweight yet strong layer for going out or running errands. Lastly, wool makes for a timeless, long-lasting fabric that protects against weather and debris. Whether you’re grabbing coffee with your friends or running to the grocery store, wool makes for casual and formal cold-weather garb.


While you shouldn’t rely on cotton for an inner layer option, it makes for a fantastic middle or outer layer. If you’re prone to sweating, avoid wearing it as an inner layer, as cotton is a porous material that can cause hypothermia and bodily discomfort. However, it makes for a valuable fabric for those who have allergies to wool and other fabrics.

If you need additional insulation while you’re running errands or visiting friends, wearing a cotton sweater or jacket can help keep heat in without the risk of skin contact. It pairs nicely with other materials, such as silk or wool, to keep you warm while looking stylish.


When it comes to layering, hemp is a fantastic material for keeping warm. It provides excellent insulation properties when compared to other materials like cotton. Instead of a flat rod fib fiber structure, hemp consists of crannies, holes, and nooks for greater surface area and water absorbency. Because of its porous nature, it allows for fabric breathability so wearers can stay at a comfortable temperature.

Moreover, hemp also has antimicrobial properties to prevent the growth of bacteria. So, next time you’re considering a cotton or leather jacket, a hemp jacket might be a better option for your activities. You’ll look fabulous while not worrying about overheating.


Every cowboy and cowgirl has a staple leather jacket to pull their entire western look together. Leather is not only fashionable and timeless, but it also makes for an excellent winter fabric. Because of its unique textile structure, leather looks better as it ages and holds up against various weather elements.

Thankfully, if you don’t like the idea of genuine leather, faux leather is just as protective. As long as you care for your leather clothing, you’ll have it for a very long time.

Types of Outwear

A guaranteed way to style your women’s western tops for the winter is to provide yourself with comfortable, protective outerwear. You won’t have to worry about putting your favorite tops into storage and enjoy your outfit choices. From blazers to hoodies, you’ll feel warm and protected without sacrificing style.


Blazers are a fun and stylish way to look your best in winter weather. If you’re attending professional events in the winter season, a blazer can pull your entire look together while keeping you warm. You can find blazers with unique western patterns and designs to pull your whole look together.


Jackets are a classic and timeless way to look your best in western attire. From leather and denim to cotton and hemp, you can style your favorite western long-sleeve blouse top with a beautiful, eye-catching jacket to maintain your western look. You can also find jackets with fringes, unique patterns, and distress tatters for a more rugged, wild look.


Bring out the cozy look while looking feminine with a classic cardigan for the winter months. Cardigans give you a soft and comfortable appearance while keeping you warm. From solid colors to eye-catching stripes, textures, patterns, and lengths, you can mix and match your western tops with the perfect cardigan style.

Pullovers and Hoodies

A pullover doesn’t have to look like a standard sweatshirt athletes wear. Instead, you can wear fashionable pullovers and hoodies that keep you warm.

Whether you’re styling a casual top with blue jeans or want to wear comfortable leggings, western pullovers and hoodies can bring your entire outfit together. You can find 3/4 zip brightly colored pullovers to animal print hoodies that capture your western style.


Wraps can create a billowy, romantic western look for your winter outfit. Pair a plain western long sleeve with a solid color wrap for a soft, feminine look that helps you look put together. From mustard yellow or burnt orange to tribal patterns and animal prints, a wrap can easily bring out your western style.

When the temperatures drop, you want to stay warm while looking stylish. At Western Soul®, we offer high-quality, luxurious women’s western wear for cooler weather. From sweaters and hoodies to wraps and blazers, you’ll feel cozy and warm without sacrificing looking fashionable. Western Soul® is your trusted choice for western-style women’s shirts for bright and visually-appealing graphic tees, causal tops, body suits, pullovers, and more. If you want to try our western-style clothing today, reach out to us for the perfect fashion piece for your upcoming festivities.

How To Style Women’s Western Tops in the Winter