Mistakes To Avoid When Dressing for a Rodeo

Mistakes To Avoid When Dressing for a Rodeo

Rodeos provide an opportunity to wear captivating outfits and enjoy time with your friends! However, some choices don’t quite suit the occasion. Continue reading to learn about the mistakes to avoid when dressing for a rodeo.

Wearing Uncomfortable Clothing

It’s easy to pick an extravagant outfit that’s the centerpiece of the rodeo. It’s a little more challenging to choose something comfortable. You want to feel free and comfortable when moving around. Short skirts and dresses might become a hassle as you’re paving your way through a crowded, dusty rodeo. Instead, consider wearing a reliable and comfortable pair of jeans that will hold up through the night.

Choosing Painful Shoes

Did someone mention uncomfortable clothing? Another common mistake to avoid when dressing for a rodeo is wearing anything that will hurt your feet. Incredibly high heels are impractical for keeping up with your friends, navigating textured surfaces, or climbing bleachers.

Cowboy boots are traditional rodeo footwear. If you don’t have a good pair of boots that match your outfit, find another pair of closed-toe shoes with unique patterns and or accents to enhance your rodeo attire.

Forgetting To Check the Weather

Rodeos don’t stop, no matter rain or shine. It’s up to you to check the weather before you go! First, check the weather conditions. When you see a sign of rain, consider bringing along a poncho or an umbrella. This preventative measure will also help you choose the right pair of shoes if you want to avoid getting your favorite pair dirty from the mud.

Next, check the temperature. If the forecast shows it’ll be cold at night, bring a denim or fringe jacket to keep you warm after the sun sets. If it’s going to be incredibly hot all day and night, don’t wear thick layers of clothes that will cause your body to overheat. A suitable in-between clothing item should make you feel stylish and comfortable during any type of weather.

Wearing What Everyone Wears

People sometimes choose their outfits according to what they believe other people want to see. You need to choose an outfit that makes you feel stunning! The easiest way to create the perfect rodeo outfit is to choose two major statement pieces, then work around those items. Find clothes that complement your figure and make you feel like the best version of yourself in clothes you love.

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