The Different Types of Denim Washes Explained

The Different Types of Denim Washes Explained

You can wear blue jeans for yard work or when going to a rodeo with friends. No matter the occasion, you’re always looking for just the right denim style. If you’re unfamiliar with the different types of denim washes or how they’re made, continue reading for a helpful explanation to find the denim you’re searching for.

Raw Denim Wash

Raw denim is also known as dry or real denim. It’s a style of denim that doesn’t receive any prewashing or preshrinking beforehand.

Today, you’re more likely to find denim in stores that is preshrunk and prewashed. With classic raw denim, what you buy is what you get.

Instead of using several methods to achieve different washes, raw denim fades naturally over time. The wash begins as a darker shade and will lighten the more you wear them. It’s an incredibly durable choice that’s always the ideal fit. People love this style of jeans because it has a structured fit that molds to your body after frequent wear.

Rinse Wash

As mentioned above, most manufacturers rinse denim before placing it in stores. For dark-wash jeans, some dyes may linger on the fabric. It may feel stiffer than the average pair of jeans. Manufacturers tend to put dark denim jeans through the washer to remove excess dyes and make it more convenient for buyers.

The process doesn’t alter the physical qualities of the fabric. While it may slightly lighten the color of the jeans, it creates a softer material and removes any dirt or chemicals.

Stone Wash

Stone wash is a denim look that has a rustic or vintage appearance. A pair of jeans with a faded and worn-down style is most likely achieved through stone washing.

Stone washing is one of the most common processes for distressing denim garments. It uses pumice stones with several pores that have sharp edges. The sharpness harshly abrades the denim to achieve the faded characteristic so many people adore!

Enzyme Wash

An environmentally friendly way to create the desired stone-washed denim. Enzyme washes use an enzyme called cellulase that’s applied to denim.

Stone washing is an intensive process that uses excessive amounts of water and fewer garments in the washer. Enzyme washes minimize the amount of water because the washing machines can hold more denim garments since it doesn’t require space for the pumice stones. It improves the quality of the water disposed of at the end of the process while softening the denim fabric to a remarkable finish.

Acid Wash

The process of acid-washing denim is very similar to stone washing. But there’s one simple change that makes all the difference. Instead of only placing the pumice stones in the wash, the stones are first soaked in sodium hypochlorite or potassium permanganate.

Women’s western flare jeans are available in each of these fabulous washes. With a better explanation of the different types of denim washes, you can better choose one that suits your western style.