Tips for Storing Delicate and Keepsake Clothing

Tips for Storing Delicate and Keepsake Clothing

If an item has sentimental value, there’s no need to donate it to a second-hand shop just yet. You want to hold onto those cherished memories as long as you can. When storing delicate and keepsake clothing at home, here are some tips to follow.

Clean the Clothes Before Packing Them Away

Storing dirty clothes is a disaster waiting to happen. The smallest amount of dirt or oils may cause stains to settle or attract pests during storage.

Instead, wash the clothes and thoroughly dry each garment before boxing them up. You’re sure to come back to freshly cleaned clothes that you value immensely.

Avoid Vacuum-Sealed Bags for Long-Term Storage

Vacuum-sealed bags are a great space saver! However, if you’re using them for long-term storage purposes, it’s more likely to damage the clothing. This method can drastically impact the integrity of the clothing’s fibers. To save space, try folding items as small as possible to maximize how much you can fit in each box.

Always Label Each Box

It’s defeating when you can’t find that one item you’re searching for. This scenario is preventable! All you need to do is organize the keepsakes and clearly label each box. Be as specific as possible!

If it’s baby clothes, title the box with who the baby clothes belonged to and from what years. If it’s clothes from high school, include the school’s name, the years, and the person it belongs to. When the day arrives when you want to see those keepsakes again, you’ll find them with ease.

Stay Away From Storing Items in High-Moisture Areas

Some of the worst areas to store keepsakes are the areas people enjoy storing them in. Attics, basements, and garages are much closer to the elements. These areas are more likely to flood or become humid. Excessive moisture can compromise the quality of your valuable clothing.

When stored in basements or attics, the clothing items don’t receive proper ventilation and may develop stains or mildew. Choosing a dark area inside the home is the best choice. For example, closets directed away from sunlight are incredible options.

Use Archival Tissue Paper

While it may seem like a tedious process, you want to preserve your beloved clothing items. One way to safeguard your clothes is to wrap each item individually in archival tissue paper. It’s an acid-free product that’s lightweight and acts as a strong barrier to protect your valuable clothing.

Store Clothing in Plastic Tubs or Acid-Free Boxes

Finally, when it comes to finding the perfect item to store delicate and keepsake clothing, there are two primary options: plastic tubs or acid-free boxes. They won’t cause stains or falter under pressure. And, when stored in the right location, your precious clothing will stay protected.

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