Ways To Style Western Graphic T-Shirts for Women

Ways To Style Western Graphic T-Shirts for Women

It’s no secret that the classic graphic T-shirt creates endless styling opportunities for women, from the simple T-shirt and jeans combination to bold outfits with a denim jacket and cowgirl boots. For your next outing, let’s review different ways to style women’s Western graphic T-shirts.

Get Stylish With Layers

The basic T-shirt and jeans combo is always a safe and easy combination that never gets old, but let’s try to play with textiles, layers, and accents. During the warmer seasons, accessories such as lighter sweaters, jewelry, and hair styling can add a lot of style to an outfit. Similarly, the colder months mean experimenting with jackets, blazers, boots, scarves, and hats for a modern yet comfortable look.

Play Around With Colors & Patterns

A Western graphic T-shirt can be bold on its own, but why not think outside the box and play around with different colors and patterns? If you have a loud graphic T-shirt, stick with mostly neutrals to frame the tee, but add in small elements of complementary colors and patterns for an eye-catching, experimental feel.

Try Out Different Types of Bottoms

While it’s tempting to wear leggings with every outfit you create, consider trying different bottom styles to style your women’s graphic T-shirt. You can play around with different denim styles, from high-waisted bell-bottom jeans to low-rise boyfriend jeans. You could also consider different skirt lengths and patterns, shorts, and slacks.

Change the Look of Your Graphic Tee

If there’s one way to make your Western graphic T-shirt the center point of your outfit, you can customize its fit. You can start by simply tying it off at the bottom to create a cinched, shorter look. Or you can create a cropped tee by trimming a few inches off the bottom. You can also experiment with color dying, trimming off strands to make Western-inspired tassels, or ordering the graphic top in a few sizes too large to create a T-shirt dress—the possibilities are endless!

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