Western Fashion Trends To Try Out This Fall

Western Fashion Trends To Try Out This Fall

Although the summer heat still sears the air, it’s always a great idea to prepare your wardrobe for the next season. Fall will be here before you know it! You want to stay ahead of the game and be prepared with stylish outfits. Read about the Western fashion trends you should try this fall.

Focus on Earthy Tones

Maybe this isn’t a ground-breaking fall trend, but it is something that never goes out of style—earth tones are the essence of fall fashion!

The color palette consists of natural colors found in the earth; forest or sage green to pair with the grass and the trees, mustard yellow to match the glow of the sun, clay red to mimic the fall leaves, and bright orange for the decorative pumpkins people put on their porches.

Put On Your Corduroy Flares

As you’re planning your outfits for fall, don’t forget to spice it up with a pair of corduroy flares. Although denim is a Western staple for bottoms, it doesn’t hurt to switch things up occasionally.

Find shades of black, brown, maroon, forest green, and gold. The incredible texture of corduroy paired with earth tones will instantly enhance each outfit.

Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Leather

Leather isn’t as colorful, but it makes just as much of a statement. The bold material is sure to highlight any outfit you put together. From leather pants to boots and jackets, it’s a key fall feature you can’t count out.

Wear a Striking Pair of Bell Bottoms

Women's bell-bottoms will always be a Western staple. The bell shape makes it appear as if you’re walking on air. Bell-bottom jeans are a timeless piece to complement your favorite classic fall blouse and add extra glamor.

Don’t Forget About Denim Midi Skirts

Since you can’t go wrong with wearing denim, another garment to keep in mind is Western denim midi skirts. Although miniskirts are very popular, midi skirts are more suitable for the fall.

The skirt falls to the knee, so it’s perfect for showing off a pair of boots and giving you the confidence you need for the season.

What About a Hint of Embroidery?

Nothing makes an outfit stand out more than your favorite denim pieces showcasing a one-of-a-kind feature. Whether on denim flares, bell-bottoms, or skirts, a small section of embroidery is an adorable statement to make your outfit different from others.

Florals are the most popular design to incorporate, but don’t be afraid to try geometric patterns too. Add these elements to the hems or around the pockets so they’re sure to make the once-average garment stand out.

Western Soul® is known for beautiful bell-bottom jeans and stunning statement wear. Find the right clothing items to try and stay on the latest fashion trend this fall with this helpful advice.