What Are the Best Jeans To Wear With Cowgirl Boots?

What Are the Best Jeans To Wear With Cowgirl Boots?

Denim and cowgirl boots are Western clothing staples, but it can be tough to know how to style the two together. If you’re having trouble designing outfits, read about the top three best jeans to wear with cowgirl boots to form stunning outfits!

Straight -Leg Jeans

If you have no idea what to wear with your beloved boots, start with straight-leg jeans. Unlike skinny jeans with a fitted design from top to bottom, straight-leg jeans have little to no deviation throughout the length of the pant leg. The hem of the pants fits loosely around the ankles and has plenty of room for your boots to peak out at the bottom.

Slim-fit straight-leg jeans are slightly tighter around the hips and thighs and loosen up around the calves and ankles. A relaxed fit has more room in the thighs and enhances the straight-leg appearance.

Straight-leg jeans are classic Western garments and suit a wide range of events. From running errands to rodeos to a night out with friends, these jeans will never fail to create a stunning outfit!

Flare Jeans

Next on the list of the best jeans to wear with cowgirl boots are flare jeans. The denim fits tightly through the hips, thighs, and knees and widens around the mid-calf. It adds attention to the base of the outfit in a fashionable manner.

Utilize the delicacy of flare jeans to let your favorite pair of boots shine. The boots can emerge just below the hem of the pant legs. As you walk, you can show off the base of the boots and strut with style!

Bell Bottoms

You might assume bell bottoms and flare jeans are the same, but one difference can entirely alter an outfit. Bell bottoms fit tightly around the hips and thighs, just like flares, but form a bell below the knee.

The wider silhouette creates an incredible kickout to add glamour to every step. When paired with a gorgeous pair of cowgirl boots, people will look in awe at your dazzling outfit.

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